John Parker

Some photos of John, Rose, and friends

Rare photo of John in a suit. He was typically seen in the neighborhood in sport shirt and slacks or t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. The suit was for Sundays, when he went to church.


The young married couple, John and Rose Parker:


Rose when she was just blooming:


And in color:


John, Noah, and Eugene on one of their many walks:


The three on a more casual stroll:


Walking on Mowbray Arch while watching the new house being built:


Noah, John, and his friend Georgette:


John liked this photo of Eugene so much (taken near Mowbray and Mill) that he used it on his last Christmas cards:


One of John's other feline buddies hanging out in the yard:


Cats through the years:


John's old Chevette after someone apparently swiped its much-sought-after Nixon/Agnew bumper sticker, though overlooked the every bit as desirable Pratt Institute sticker:


Eugene, contemplative on the front steps after John's death:


Goodbye, John Parker:

John Parker's Death







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